With our own fleet of trucks from Brüning Logistics, consisting of 40 walking floor trucks and 3 roll-off tipper trucks, we are always able to implement the demands and requirements of our customers in a flexible and targeted manner. To ensure that this remains the case, we will replace a total of 17 vehicles this year and thus keep our fleet up to date with new technology.

In addition to emission class 6 – currently the best class for combustion engines – all vehicles have adaptive cruise control, an emergency brake assistant and other safety features. In addition, a microwave, a coffee machine, a television and a parking air conditioner are installed in the driver’s cabin for our colleagues. Valuable functions and appliances when you’re on the road all day. After all, with all this technology, the drivers are still the most important people when it comes to transporting goods. They reliably drive load after load to their respective destinations throughout Germany and Europe.

The vehicles will be delivered in the next few weeks and handed over to the driving colleagues. So nothing can stop them from the next hundreds of thousands of kilometres on the road.