The Interforst GmbH, which became a subsidiary of the Brüning Group in December 2022, wants to increase its service potential and is therefore strengthening its capacity.

For this purpose, an investment was made in a “Timberjack 1270d” harvester together with the entrepreneur Jari Jokela from Finland. Jokela has already worked for Interforst as a subcontractor in the past. The cooperation with Jokela is intended to strengthen the still young “forestry services” part of the roundwood unit and, at the same time, to promote the expansion of timber purchasing in contract harvesting. From now on, the harvester will be used in combination with a forwarder all year round for the Brüning Group and Interforst throughout Germany.

This step complements the service portfolio and supports the position of both Interforst GmbH and the Brüning Group’s roundwood unit on the market. “Our goal is to steadily expand our activities in the roundwood sector as well as to go deeper into the value chain with new sub-sectors such as forestry services,” explains Maximilian Rehder, Director of the Roundwood Unit and part of the management of Interforst GmbH.